Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Would it be possible to build a Japanese garden outside of Japan
A. Yes, where suitable materials can be obtained, I can design and build Japanese gardens in other countries. In some cases, we may need to make adjustments according to the availability of plants and rocks.

Q. Do you have experience outside of Japan with designing and landscaping Japanese gardens?
A. Yes, I have international experience with Japanese garden design and construction.

Q. Do you do gardens for projects in addition to private residences?
A. On large-scale collaborative projects, I am available to serve as designer and advisor for Japanese garden construction, drawing on broad experience.

Q. What is the range of your activities in Japan.
A. We are centered in the Kansai region (Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto), where I have created and maintain many Japanese gardens over the span of three decades, always inspired by the spirit of Oribe, the famous tea master and garden designer of old Japan.

Q. To request your Japanese garden services, what should I do?
A. Please use the form on the Contact page to provide some basic information about your garden site and desires. Then, we can consult and decide on the details of your Japanese garden. You may also wish to visit some of the gardens I have designed and built.

Q. I live in a big city and have only a small area available for a garden.
A. There is a long Japanese tradition of relatively small gardens designed for such spaces that provide a serene oasis within the city. Please let me know your needs.

Q. How does climate affect the ability to build a Japanese garden overseas?
A. As within Japan, the plants are chosen to do well in the climate. In some cases, this may mean using plants that would not be available in Japan, but which create the desired aesthetic effect. For example, moss will not grow without sufficient morning dew, so other ground cover may be used instead.


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